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Thalappakatti Ramzan Offer
  • Pomfret Polichadu
  • Eral Sukka
  • Fish Sukka
  • Pudhusu Kana Pudhsu
  • Colour Barbeque
  • Chicken Biriyani
  • Barbeque Chicken
  • Colourful Dreams
  • Mutton Biriyani
In Search of Dindigul Biriyani

Till you meet the people like M. Nallathambi, you wouldn't know the worth of Dindigul Biriyani. He travels 20km daily from his native village to TN's...

Turban Tales

Fourteen branches in Chennai dishing out 7,000 plates of biryani a day! D.Nagasamy talks about recently trademarked Dindigul Thalappakatti's receipe to success.

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